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Inspire 2 Pro Package

A complete Inspire 2 package with Zenmuse X5S, 2 lenses, a variety of ND filters, batteries, a remote and 480GB SSD card.

Zenmuse X5S Camera

Comes with Zenmuse X5S camera and case. (No lenses)

Inspire 2 batteries

6 TB55 DJI batteries for Inspire 2.


Inspire 2 Agricultural Package

This package comes with the Inspire 2 drone, batteries, remote and 4K Dual Thermal Sentera camera.


Sentera Dual 4K NDVI/NDRE camera

4K Dual Thermal NDVI/NDRE camera by Sentera and case.

SSD & Reader 4 web.png

SSD Card & Reader

480GB SSD card for Inspire 2 and a reader with USB connection.