Panoramic Drone Solutions was founded with the mission to fulfill all possible aerial needs with drones. In a growing industry, we offer new alternative methods to traditional standards at a much more affordable rate. We are building a network of solutions, equipment, and pilots to give a simplified platform for your aerial needs. Whether it be providing an FAA licensed pilot with top of the line equipment for a professional video shoot, or using thermal camera's to survey your agricultural crops, to aerial inspections of industrial sites and even drone equipment rentals, we have you covered. With the top priority to make your production process more efficient and improved.  We hope that our services suit your needs and to be apart of your next project. 



At Panoramic Drone Solutions, we provide the latest, top of the line equipment to provide you with superior results. Using advanced quadcopter drones, mirrorless sensor cameras, a variety of cropped lenses, dual camera thermal sensors and providing complete drone production packages for a variety of needs.

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We offer services for a variety of aerial needs. Whether you need your landscape surveyed with our thermal cameras to a professional commercial or music video, we are here to help with your next project.


We offer full agricultural and industrial inspection services. Using both RGB and thermal (NDVI/NDRE) imaging for agricultural crop health data to cell phone tower inspections, construction site progression images and more.  


Our professional video service includes a Part 107 licensed pilot with a DJI Inspire 2 drone with a variety of mirrorless cameras and different cropped lenses. Quality material is our highest priority in every project, to ensure satisfied clients. 


We offer full real estate video and still picture imaging. Whether it be for a real estate being listed on the market to full property aerial coverage for advertisement use, we are able to provide you with beautiful high quality results. 


If you're a pilot yourself and just need the gear to rent for a project, we got you covered. We offer complete drone rental packages, cameras, lenses, remote controllers, batteries and drone accessories available to rent. Click the button below to browse our catalog of rentals. 


Email:         Telephone: (818) 464-6065          Social Media: @panoramicdronesolutions

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PDS Windmills 2-3